Sunday, September 30, 2012

Introduction to Statistical Thinking

I'm also working on a Gates grant proposal for a new Saylor course, Introduction to Statistical Thinking.  Rather than focus on methods, this course will start with interesting questions. And, learners will work together to find the answsers!  Hence, this blog!

A beginning exercise will be with M&Ms. Have you ever wondered if there are an equal number of each color in the bag, as claimed?  Let's see!

Why this blog?

Welcome to my new blog about my mathematical journey!  I've created this blog so I can reflect on the different math projects I am working on this fall.  One is a MOOC, along with Carol Yeager, called #VizMath.  (The hashtag will allow this post to be picked up by gRSShopper and reported out of that MOOC!  Neat, eh?) It has been an  opportunity to research many neat areas of math and then find mathematicians willing to share their story.  We'll start with talking about math and narrative...more on that later.